433.92 MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver

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433.92MHz transmitter and receiver. Transmitter is compatible with Raspberry Pi (Connected to 3.3 V). If the receiver  will be connected to a Raspberry Pi, it will need a TTL to 3.3V convertor in the data ouput, otherwise it might damage your Pi.



  • Transmitter distance:20-200Meters(depends on voltage)  
  • Voltage:3.5-12V    
  • Size:19*19mm
  • Working mode:AM             
  • Transmitter speed:4KB/S        
  • Transmitter power:10mW             
  • Frequency:433.02MMz
  • Attenna:25cm Single core wire or mutil-core wire
  • Pin arrangement: left-right(DATA;VCC;GND)


  • Voltage:DC5V              
  • Current:4mA                
  • Frequency:433.92MHz 
  • Sensitivity:-105db
  • Size:30*14*7mm
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