Mobile Phone USB Cables and Power Adapters Buying Guide

If you need to replace or get additional cables or power adaptors for your mobile, the first thing you need to do is determining the correct connector type your mobile has. There are a wide variety of connectors used for mobile phones, none of which are interchangeable. Fortunately most manufacturers use the same type of connector or connectors throughout their entire product line for a number of years. The following image shows the most commonly used USB connector types:

Different Types of USB Sockets and Plugs

Most cables and adapters have a standard USB Type A connector on one end. This allows them to be connected to:

  • A USB port on a computer.
  • A USB wall - power adapter.
  • A USB automotive power adapter (connects to the cigarette lighter or accessory power connector).

In all three of these cases, the USB port provides a 5 volt DC (direct current) power source for the telephone.

For smartphones, connecting the USB cable to a computer not only recharges the phone, but also allows data transfer between the mobile phone and the computer. Most smartphones come with software to synchronize the phone’s data with the computer.

Power Adapters

Since most mobile phones operate off of 5 volts DC, USB charger cables are common, even where the connection at the phone end is not a USB connector, like in the i-phones. In such cases, the USB connection provides only a power connection and not a data transfer connection.

USB wall power adapters and car power adapters convert house or automotive current into 5 volt DC power for powering mobile phones and other compact electronic devices. These adapters come in many styles from many manufacturers. However, they are all interchangeable since they all provide the same 5 volts DC, through a standard USB Type A connector.

In most cases, if a mobile phone power adapter fails, it is the wall power unit that goes bad and not the cable. When a cable fails, one can normally see physical damage to the cable or the connector. The only other way that a cable can be damaged is by twisting it too much. This can break the wires themselves, which are very fine. In such a case, the user should still be able to see kinks, knots or twists in the cable.

If the USB wall adapter goes bad, it can be replaced without having to replace the cable. This is ultimately cheaper for the consumer because less needs to be purchased. Since these are universal, the same wall power adapter can be used for various electronic devices simply by changing the cable.


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