There is not a lot of information around on the internet about this case. I do think it is a great case for these reasons:

Very small size

  • Not bad looking
  • Allows up to two 3.5" hard drives, which is great for a media centre that usually requires lots of storage. Small cases usually only allow small 2.5" notebook hard drives wich offer a lot less storage than the 3.5' ones.
  • Silent DC to DC PSU

This case costs the same as an ATX Pico PSU's power supply and it comes with a DC to DC power supply, which is not as small as a Pico PSU but it is totally silent. Even if you get rid of the case, the PSU is worth it.

The cons are:

  • Not very good ventilation. The case comes with a small noisy fan
  • Power supply is 60 Watts, but many Atom systems would work ok with that
Aywun MD-100
Aywun MD-100
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