KWorld Dual DVB-T HD USB Stick (UB499-2T)

I'm using dual HD tuners in a USB stick. This is one of the few tuners that has a dual tuner inside a USB stick. It would also fit inside the tiny case so it doesn't have to be kept outside the media centre.

More information about this tuner can be found here.

Installing the KWorld Dual DVB-T HD USB Stick (UB499-2T) in Linux

Installing this double tuner in Linux was not easy. I followed the original procedures listed on http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Kworld_UB499-2T but they didn't work.

I have added a few entries to that page to fix the problem.

In short what I did was the following:

  • From this forum I downloaded this file
  • I tried installing from the V10.12. 30.1.zip file with original Fedora 14 kernel (2.6.35) and the driver didn't work
  • Then I downloaded kernel 2.6.37 for Fedora 15 and installed it in Fedora 14 (Remember to recompile Nvidia driver after installing the new kernel)
  • Now I'm running Fedora 15 with kernel 2.6.39
  • Then I realised the driver V10.12. 30.1.zip only supports kernels up to 2.6.36
  • I followed the indications at the bottom of the linuxtv wiki to make V10.12. 30.1 work with kernel 2.6.37, 2.6.38 and 2.6.39
  • After installing the driver it worked and detected the tuners

You can download a modified version V10.12. 30.1 of the driver that works up to kernel 2.6.39 here:

For i686:


For x64:


To install the i686 as root:

wget www.omcentre.com.au/fileadmin/user_upload/kworld_UB499-2T/IT9135-
tar xvfj IT9135-
cd IT9135_SRC
make install

To install the x64 one follow the same procedure replacing i686 with x64.

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