First Boot Configuration for a Raspberry Pi Running Raspbmc

Raspbmc has really made the installation of XBMC in a Raspberry Pi a breeze.

When you boot the system for the first time, the system will start and reboot several times.

It will automatically:

  • Resize the SD card partition
  • Create a user called "pi" with password "raspberry"
  • Install your wireless adapters (if any)

Literally, once the system configures itself after a series of reboots, the only thing you have to enter is your language. However, I would advise you set the Region, Timezone and Timezone Country.

XBMC Kodi Language Setting

International Settings in XBMC/Kodi

To set the Region, the Timezone Country and the Timezone, in XBMC/Kodi navigate to Settings->Appearance->International

Once you are in the International Settings screen, make sure the settings reflect the area where you live.

In this case, the settings are adjusted for Brisbane, Australia.

XBMC/Kodi System
XBMC/Kodi System Settings
XBMC/Kodi System Settings Appearance
XBMC/Kodi System Settings Appearance International

Now let's proceed to the next Raspbmc (OSMC) tutorial: Network configuration in Raspbmc (OSMC).




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