Changing Foxtel Channels from MythTV

If you want to control your Foxtel box from MythTV, you have to use a script that sends the channel number to the IR blaster.

Before you continue, you have to do the installation and configuration of LIRC and have an Infra Red blaster connected to your serial port.

You can download the prebuild database that I have created with the video source and the channel numbers by clicking here.

If you want to do your own, in mythtv-setup create a video source called Foxtel-AV.

Associate your analog input to this video source, to do that go to  "Input Connections", then select the video source that you want to use and associate the video source with this input.

When you do the association, you'll have to use a script that will actually change the channel in the foxtel box using the IR blaster. See image below.

You can download a copy on mine here.

Remember to make that script executable:

#chmod 755 /home/mythtv/.mythtv/change_foxtel2.sh

Then you'll have to create the channels for that video source (not if you download my database). There was a tricky thing that I discovered when I was doing this, the channel number that is used to change the channels is NOT the channel number field but the "Frequency or Channel" field which is in the last screen when you edit channels. That is the field that MythTV uses to send the channel number to the script that changes the channels.

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