First Boot Configuration for a Raspberry Pi Running XBian

XBian has really made the installation of Bodi in a Raspberry Pi a breeze.

When you boot the system for the first time, the system will take care of everything for you.

It will automatically:

  • Resize the SD card partition
  • Create a user called "xbian" with password "raspberry"
  • Install your wireless adapters (if any)

Literally, once the system configures itself after a series of reboots, the only thing you have to enter is the details of your WiFi network if your Raspberry Pi is connected wirelessly.

Just follow the setup wizard and once you finish the wizard and the system reboots and you get into Kodi, you can proceed to setup the language, country and timezone country and timezone.

Setting up the language, region and timezone in Kodi

In Kodi go to System->Settings->Appearance->International

Once you are in the International Settings screen, make sure the settings reflect the area where you live.

In this case, the settings are adjusted for Brisbane, Australia.

XBMC/Kodi System
XBMC/Kodi System Settings
XBMC/Kodi System Settings Appearance
XBMC/Kodi System Settings Appearance International


Now let's proceed to the next XBian tutorial: Network configuration in XBian.




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